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  Kenji Ito on Piano

Name: Kenji Ito

Nickname: "Itoken"

Occupation: Music composing, Music arranging and Sound Producing.

Hobbies/Interests: Listening to music, playing instruments, eating delicious foods and drinking.

Residence: Tokyo, Japan

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Birthday: July 5th, 1968

Personal Opinion of Best Works (released on CD): Culdcept II

Music Influences: I enjoy listening music by Paul Mauriat, Richard Clayderman, singer & songwriter Billy Joel, Simon & Garfunkel and Air Supply. I also enjoy music by Japanese singer & songwriter Masashi Sada, and of course Soundtracks from Movies and TV Animation.

My biggest contribution to Video Game Music: Kokoro no Takarabako (Chocobo Racing Ending Song. Music composed by me and Sung by Hiromi Ohta)

Future Ambitions: To compose music for various visual works and singers on international level. I also hope to release my original albums in the future.

Work History: (GameBoy) Sa Ga 2 -Hihou Densetsu- Final Fantasy Gaiden Seiken Densetsu, (Super Famicom / SNES) Romancing SaGa series, (PlayStation) SaGa Frontier, Chocobo Racing, (WonderSwan) Wild Card, (DreamCast) Culdcept II, (On-line PC Game) Cross Gate, (PlayStation 2) Romancing SaGa -Minstrel Song- and more. Please see my Discography Page for more information.

Current Works: Music composing for video games as my main work, and music arrangement of songs for singers.

Brief introduction and history: I started playing (learning) the Piano at the age 4, and started composing music at the age 10. At that age, I actually wanted to be a singer & songwriter. I joined a Brass Band in Jr.High and High School, and performed the Clarinet and the Alto Sax. I became interested in the synthesizer around this time. I joined SquareEnix and started my music career in March, 1990. I left SquareEnix in January, 2001 and I have been a freelance music composer since then.

Message to overseas fans: I would like to say "Thank You!" to all overseas fans who listen to my music! I'm going to keep trying to compose more video game music and various genre as well, so please keep supporting my music. I am looking forward to hearing your messages on this website, too. Thank you!

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